To trade: Cryptocoryne sp. ‘Flamingo’

I have some Crypt Flamingo(s) to trade. All of them are submersed.
Pictures + plant profile here: Crypt sp. ‘Flamingo’
I am looking for Cryptocoryne wendtii ‘Florida Sunset’.
Feel free to contact me on any sites mentioned here (Swap/Trade & Contact ) or directly on my email.
P.S. From time to time, I have also other Crypts to trade.

Cryptocoryne sp. ‘Flamingo’ in low tech tank

Updated: February 5, 2014

Added current/previous water parameters

During last year I put my Flamingo(s) into several tanks to propagate it and to try it in different conditions. This one is from a low tech tank (in fact, most of my tanks are low tech). It is in approx. 40x25x25cm tank, without CO2 (never added), clay based substrate mixed with gravel, tiny hang-on filter and just a 9W bulb as a light. It is on the table near the window so it gets an “extra light” from there. Except of several Dennerle Cryptocoryne tabs (for roots) I do not fertilize it (my fish do the job).

I would say the results are satisfying. Plant is approx. 15 cm wide, healthy, quite pink and only old leaves tent to go brown/green.

Update, 2014,Feb 04:
Recently I measured some water parameters, so here they are:

  • pH: 8,3
  • EC: 830 μS/cm
  • (GH: 17 dGH) / may not be very accurate
  • (KH: 13 dKH) / may not be very accurate
Cryptocoryne sp. ‘Flamingo’ 15.10.2013 in low tech tank (1)

Cryptocoryne sp. ‘Flamingo’ 15.10.2013 in low tech tank (1)

Cryptocoryne sp. ‘Flamingo’ 15.10.2013 in low tech tank (2)

Cryptocoryne sp. ‘Flamingo’ 15.10.2013 in low tech tank (2)

Cryptocoryne sp. ‘Flamingo’ – plant profile

For some people this is a beautiful cultivar with pink colour, the others say it is a bizarre Crypt. In any case it is an interesting Cryptocoryne and in fact not very demanding.

Crypt-asia - Cryptocoryne sp. 'Flamingo' 28-5-2011

Cryptocoryne sp. ‘Flamingo’

Name: Cryptocoryne sp. ‘Flamingo’
Category: Cryptocoryne, Araceae
Height: approx. 10 cm
PH: 5.5 to 8 (*1)
Temperature: 22 ° to 28 °C (Dennerle)
Lightning: 0.3 – 0.5 watts/litre (*2)
Water hardness: Very soft to hard (*3)
Growth rate: Very slow (*4)
Difficulty: Easy
Origin: cultivar by Dennerle (*5)
Position in tank: foreground


(*1) Experience: I had no problems in water with pH approx. 7.5.
(*2) Experience: With higher light intensity and enough nutrition colours are more vivid. Under low light intensity leaves are greenish or brownish.
(*3) Experience: I was able to grow it in a very hard water.
(*4) Experience: In my case it took 6 months of waiting and then I saw first tiny plantlets. Of course as usual, it depends on lightning, nutrition, etc. As for the growth speed I would compare it to Cryptocoryne parva but any comparison is a bit tricky.
(*5) There are speculations about its origin.


Additional info:
Nutrient rich substrate (with Fe), CO2 addition and higher light intensity makes this Crypt true beauty.

Experience with emersed growing:
– Plant requires high humidity and stable environment.
– So far I was unsuccesful. I am trying again (May 25th 2012). And again (August 9th 2012 – this time semi-emersed).