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About me

My name is Michal and I am a Cryptocoryne Addict. (^_^) I live in Central Europe – The Czech Republic. My hobbies are fish keeping, aquatic plants (both emersed and submersed), photography, japanese, hiking, and recently motorbikes.

Me and Cryptocorynes

When I started fish-keeping I was a little boy. My first tank was approx. 30 liters, some bulb as a light (or sometimes without light) and too many livebearers for this tiny tank. My first plant was Cryptocoryne affinis and it was always growing – in dark, in light, with or without water change. As I grew older I have (learned from my mistakes and) bought bigger tanks, more plants, tried many other species but there always was something fancy about Cryptocorynes. I have bought almost all the Crypts I could find in my country and decided to pay attention to them a bit more. But soon I was confused – many sellers used different names… That was the reason to start my emersed trials (and errors) to explore another opportunities of these beautiful plants. Now I am trying to get as many species as possible. That is how I became a Crypt Addict.

What is this blog about?

This blog represents many things. First of all it is a way to document my trials and errors with Cryptocorynes, to photodocument it and to write about my experience with them. But it also is an attempt to contact and connect with other Cryptocoryne addicted collectors world wide, and to exchange Cryptocorynes (please, see my Crypt list and feel free to contact me). Unfortunately I do not have many interesting species – my collection is just growing – slowly but surely.

This is a hobbyist blog about Cryptocoryne growing. It can contain mistakes in plant taxonomy, although I will try to do my best (feel free to correct plant taxonomy in my posts – sometimes it is difficult to distinguish species).

What is it not?

It certainly is not a Cryptocoryne atlas or some rich database, neither academic nor scientific research.

Cryptocorynes in my country

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  1. Hi Michal,
    nice to see that there are people addicted to Cryptocoryne :-).
    You have a nice blog; keep it up and running.
    Greetings from Italy,

    My best regards,


    • Hi Fabrizio,
      Thanks. I would like to write more often, but right now I am trying to expand my collection and to learn more.

      Greetings from the Czech Republic,


  2. Hello Michal, Greetings from Aberdeen, Scotland. I wrote you once before re your Crypts. Can I ask? did you ever find out, the lamp type that your friend Karel used on his beautiful Affinis Crypt? Many Thanks, Jim Davidson

    • Hi Jim, I do remember 🙂
      Unfortunately I don’t know the lamp he used. But I would say It was common T8 tube (low light intensity for tank’s volume). Tank was fertilized just by livebearers (mostly Swordtails), no CO2 addition…hard water. It was an old and common C. affinis (the same I sent you…imported decades ago), nothing fancy as they export nowadays.
      I would not say it was by lamp, it was maybe a combination of “everything”. Correct me If I mistaken, but you wrote you have soft water in Aberdeen, right?. Feel free to email me again.
      Some time ago, my Crypt affinis looked the same, but I had it in an old tank with high light intensity, CO2…hard water…and well fertilized gravel (thanks to fish).


  3. Hello Michal, Really good that you should remember me and my soft water.Not entirely sure that chemical induced hard water, is the answer.Being a really old guy now, just wished to end my plant keeping days, with the Affinis I had, way back in 1959. Not wishing to give in as they say, am attempting the Dennerle Affinis, just keeps me going. Really appreciate you taking the time for me. Certainly no one more worthy to ask, about the Cryps You certainly have them down to a fine art. Many Thanks, Jim Davidson

  4. Hi there,

    My name is Philip and I am from Ontario Canada. Just discovered your blog and I am very excited to look into it further.

    I am new to the hobby, been in it for just over a year and a few months ago I fell in love with cryptocoryne. I want them all 🙂

    I have lots to learn and want to eventually do an emersed setup to be able to properly I’d and grow crypts out of water.

    Hope we can do some trading sometime 🙂

  5. Hello!
    my name is helge donath.ich live in Bernburg/saale, stop in Saxony, in Germany.
    my great passion is the culture of melt, which I a large number in display cases kultiviere.die most I cultivate about wasser.dadurch they come to bloom. Moreover, I write articles on various internet platforms. my love, I would like to make a contribution to biodiversity conservation, because we see that the environment of this plant is destroyed, becoming more and more.
    to the time I cultivate about 20 species, such as c. nurii, c.yujii, c.bullosa, c.bankaensis, c.ideii, and many species of the standartsortiments, such as c. cordata,.
    c.ciliata, c.pygmea, and many more.
    My question is whether it is possible, more species to be able to relate about them, what I am very interessiert.ich I am aware that this has its price. This is not a problem.
    I love this plant and would like to contribute to their protection and their dissemination.
    Please excuse my bad englisch.ich had unfortunately to the bing translator for help please.
    with friendly greetings
    Helge donath

    all letters small please. thanks.


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