Hello and Welcome to my blog – Cryptocoryne Addiction

About me

My name is Michal and I am a Cryptocoryne Addict. (^_^) I live in Central Europe – The Czech Republic. My hobbies are fish keeping, aquatic plants (both emersed and submersed), photography, japanese, hiking, and recently motorbikes.

Me and Cryptocorynes

When I started fish-keeping I was a little boy. My first tank was approx. 30 liters, some bulb as a light (or sometimes without light) and too many livebearers for this tiny tank. My first plant was Cryptocoryne affinis and it was always growing – in dark, in light, with or without water change. As I grew older I have (learned from my mistakes and) bought bigger tanks, more plants, tried many other species but there always was something fancy about Cryptocorynes. I have bought almost all the Crypts I could find in my country and decided to pay attention to them a bit more. But soon I was confused – many sellers used different names… That was the reason to start my emersed trials (and errors) to explore another opportunities of these beautiful plants. Now I am trying to get as many species as possible. That is how I became a Crypt Addict.

What is this blog about?

This blog represents many things. First of all it is a way to document my trials and errors with Cryptocorynes, to photodocument it and to write about my experience with them. But it also is an attempt to contact and connect with other Cryptocoryne addicted collectors world wide, and to exchange Cryptocorynes (please, see my Crypt list and feel free to contact me). Unfortunately I do not have many interesting species – my collection is just growing – slowly but surely.

This is a hobbyist blog about Cryptocoryne growing. It can contain mistakes in plant taxonomy, although I will try to do my best (feel free to correct plant taxonomy in my posts – sometimes it is difficult to distinguish species).

What is it not?

It certainly is not a Cryptocoryne atlas or some rich database, neither academic nor scientific research.

Cryptocorynes in my country

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