Plant development update (june 2014)

Just to document progress in growth I enclose a photo of my Cryptocoryne auriculata “Tiger Stripes” and Cryptocoryne sp. “Yellow ring”. Plants grew several new leaves and they seem to me to be in a good condition.

Sadly, C. auriculata still doesn’t have that nice tiger stripes pattern.

Cryptocoryne sp. "Yellow ring" (on the left), Cryptocoryne auriculata "Tiges stripes" (on the right) - June 2014

Cryptocoryne sp. “Yellow ring” (on the left), Cryptocoryne auriculata “Tiges stripes” (on the right) – June 2014

Collection update – Cryptocoryne bullosa and Cryptocoryne keei

Yesterday I got some new species for my collection. It is like having Christmas in summer. 🙂 My Cryptocoryne list expanded a little bit  – by Cryptocoryne bullosa and Cryptocoryne keei.

Temporarily they are placed in a plastic container with strong current, but I am redoing a small tank for them. I am curious whether I will manage to grow them. I am a little bit worried about Cryptocoryne bullosa.

Since the plants are tiny and not very distinctive, photos will come later.

Cryptocoryne minima is going to flower

Recently, a colleague collector wrote me a message about getting new species. Since I was curious whether I have something to trade I looked, looked closely on my Crypts and found out my Cryptocoryne minima is developing inflorescence. So far it is tiny and I am waiting at least fourth day to open, but It made me happy. The spathe is – as expected – approx. 1-1,5cm.

I will comment more on this topic when the spathe opens.

For now, a few photos.

Cryptocoryne minima with spathe (June 2014)

Cryptocoryne minima with spathe (June 2014)

Cryptocoryne minima with spathe - blurry detail (June 2014)

Cryptocoryne minima with spathe – blurry detail (June 2014)