January 2014 update!

It has been quite a while. Bad news – no new species. Good news – I am upgrading my emersed setup.

  • I have realized how unsatisfactory my current setup is and I have decided to do something about it. First of all I have a new emersed tank waiting to be installed – 200 liters, 100x40x50cm. And of course, I will also use my current setup (80 liters). I hope I will get rid of all those window domes. In case I realize it is not enough, I will add another 100 liters tank.
  • I am going to change a fertilizer. I want to try a new one. It should be delivered any time soon together with substrate (Seramis). Maybe I will also buy and try laterite.
  • At the end of last year I have made a hike to a Beech forest to collect some leaves and a Beech tree mould to make substrates. The leaves are already soaking in a rain water.
  • During November and December I have replanted some Crypts to ADA substrates.
  • C. minima converted to emersed form. It is not growing as I would like to (yes, it has got new leaves, but it could grow much better). I hope it will change by using Beech tree mould. Maybe I will also lower water pH a little bit more. I have two C. minima plants. Smaller one was stagnating so I moved it to a sphagnum moss. Now I can see an improvement.
  • I am going to buy a reverse osmosis. It is about time, right?