Cryptocoryne affinis – “The Old Beauty”

Last week I paid a visit to my friend. He has got several tanks but what amazed me the most was the one with his Cryptocoryne affinis.

We can say it is a common Crypt that almost everybody had in his tank 10 or 15 years ago. But since it is quite hard to cultivate it in emersed setup (and submersed cultivation would be expensive), the plant nurseries supply this Crypt almost rarely. And that is a pity! See the picture to understand why. The photo is from his 10 or 15 years old – and still running – tank. Simple tank with quite large gravel (but to be honest well nutritioned by fish…), sponge filter with power head and some blue-ish tube above it (I will ask later what light did he use). The result – dark green leaves and I fell in love with them. I was told his affinis blooms quite often so I am looking forward to take a photo next time I have a chance.

Thank you, Karel.

Cryptocoryne affinis - The Beauty (Karel´s tank)

Cryptocoryne affinis – The Beauty (Karel´s tank)


Website & upcoming changes

At first, I wrote this web/blog for me to archive some photos and to make a clear image of my trials and errors in time… I was surprised when I realized there are people that actually read my blog. Thank you (Allen, Jim, and many others).

Therefore – and for some other reasons – I have decided to do some changes:

  • improve comments & contact form – since I found some old messages in spam (spambots are doing a great job so I may overlook a comment or a message that actually is from a real person),
  • write (or take photos) a bit more… at least I hope so.

And of course my long-term goal: get some more interesting or as I call them – “more fancy” Crypts.