November 2014 update!

The past few months have been busy but fruitful. My collection expanded a lot (as you can see in my Crypt-list). Most plants are freshly potted so I will wait a little bit longer to document it.

Another news:

  • Because of expansion of my collection I sold some of common species and made some space for new ones, added another 50 liter emersed box. All of my emersed setups make approx. 400 liters, more then 80 pots.
  • I also started to use LED chips more and more… 70% of my setups use LEDs.
  • A week ago I potted some Crypt Flamingo(s) and placed it into emersed setup.
  • The fruit of C. striolata ‘West Kalimantan’ I got is opening.
  • I made special boxes for several Crypts (for C. bullosa ‘Sarikei’, C. keei, C. thwaitesii ‘Kottawa’).


In next posts I will show photos of some freshly imported/bought plants. I send thanks to colleagues collectors who obtained them and sent me some.